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The Four Man Plan

 A romantic science

THE FOUR MAN PLAN is a bullet-proof system for attracting and finding love. It combines the certainties of math and human behavior into a functioning system for finding Mr. Right. The Four Man Plan uses the woman’s linear and creative mind to support and guide her emotional and reactive heart. More importantly it helps transform dating into a process of self-awareness and discovery. Learn the Wait for Sex Index, The Yes Factor and the Chick’s Chick Angle. Don’t worry, it’s FUN! Math nerdiness is not required.

The Four Man Plan is a bullet-proof system for attracting and finding love. 

It combines the certainties of math and human behavior into a functioning system for finding Mr. Right.

Do you need a WING WOMAN ?

Are you already on The Four Man Plan, but need help taking it to the next level? Coaching with Cindy Lu includes much more than just which guy goes where in your Mantrix Graph.  As a private client, you’ll be guided through a semester of sessions with Cindy Lu at your own pace.

Feel confident in romantic situations & unleash your power of choice.

Praise for THE PLAN

“4Man planners get to see men at their best.
Watch them prince it up!”

“I found this book very practical, realistic, and funny. I have put her methods into use and am having a fabulous time dating. I’m amazed at the results.”

Cindy Lu! You will be happy to know that I am very happy preparing a super-party to celebrate my marriage to Paul, a person I found while working on myself under the inspiration of your book.We have been together for more than 4 years now, a lot of personal growth, some crises, and a lot of willingness from his side, and of mine, I guess, so here we are.Lots of love and gratitude fly from here.

“This book changed my life. Buy it and give it to any woman of any age you know who is single and dating.”

“This book helps you understand yourself by being with others in a healthy way. Setting boundaries and self-respect while enjoying the best part of others. Appreciation goes a long way.”

Thank you Cindy Lu and The Four Man Plan for giving me the first time in my life, a plan. I have been floundering most of my life with this love thing. I’m having fun on on-line dating for the first time. I have a whole different attitude this time around. Be more assertive with contacting men, never assume, never take it personally, don’t get attached to the outcome and remember that I am surrounded by love, so all is well.

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“If you’re hoping to find ‘the one’, you need to meet as many men as possible and give them the chance to prove their worth.”
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Dirty And Thirty

“You need to get on ‘The Four Man Plan,” my friend said to me. At first I thought he was suggesting I get on some kind of diet, which almost caused me to knee him in the taint. Then I found out he WAS suggesting  I get on a diet. A dating diet… “
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International Book Designs

The Four Man Plan is published in 7 languages (8 if you want to count British) including: German, Japanese, Portugese, French, Russian and Italian. Turns out being smart is a universal path to finding love. 

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